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Meet CIBO at the 2022 Land Investment Expo

On January 11, 2022, CIBO will be presenting and sponsoring the Land Investment Expo. Established in 2008 by Peoples Company, the Land Investment Expo has transformed into a leading event for officeholders, office-seekers, and prominent agricultural industry voices to provide keen insight and debate the events of today and the future of tomorrow. The Expo explores vital elements of agriculture such as sustainability, emerging trends, and policy considerations, the event’s notoriety and prestige escalated to new heights and acquired a devoted national following. Prominent institutional investors, national agricultural organizations, leading economists, and political leaders attend the Expo to discuss the challenges and opportunities involving a host of topics with global implications.

At the event, Tamara Kass, CIBO VP Business Development, will present “Crossing the Carbon Chasm: How Carbon Bridge Programs and Technology Work Together to Scale Regenerative Agriculture” from 2-2:45 pm in room 309 / 310. In addition, she will share how CIBO Grower connects farmers with incentive programs like pay for practice initiatives, carbon markets and provides discounts for growers who engage in sustainable practices.

The CIBO team will also be available for questions at our booth. Please stop by our booth and watch the presentation to learn more about CIBO!



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