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How to Manage High-Performance Agriculture Investments with Cutting-Edge Technology

The importance of sustainability and new opportunities to become carbon neutral has never been greater. More and more research is making it clear that farmland and agriculture will be part of the climate solution. For this reason, the adoption of farmland is a key investment along with figuring out how to monetize and monitor that land. 

On Thursday, January 28 at 1 PM PT | 2 PM ET, join VP, Land Platform Nitzan Haklai for a webinar exploring how top firms find and manage high-performance agriculture investments with cutting-edge technology. She’ll break down agriculture’s most pressing questions around farmland investments including:

Topic 1: How do people find land to invest?

  • Field level information
  • Carbon and emissions quantification
  • Verification of practices at scale
  • Contact and relationship management with farmers
  • Direct incentivization for practices

Topic 2: How are people doing it today?

  • Data-driven insights create new opportunities
  • Financial services & commodity businesses
  • Land investors & management
  • Commercial services

Topic 3: How is CIBO fixing the technology gap?

  • Prospect land & customers
  • Evaluate & manage portfolios
  • Incentivize & monitor operations
  • Enhance relationships & support sustainability
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