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Looking for Farmland? CIBO Can Help You Uncover Parcels With High Regenerative Potential

If you are looking to start or expand a growing operation, finding the right land for your needs can be challenging. When evaluating a parcel, an accurate, objective analysis is critical to lowering the risks associated with purchasing farmland. CIBO helps provide a greater degree of certainty into the parcel history and the potential to help users make well-informed decisions about buying and selling land, setting rents, originating loans, and buying insurance.

Are you looking for examples of what you can find with our powerful search? Here are four of the most productive parcels with regenerative potential across the US. 

North Dakota 

Fairmount TwpRichland Co, ND27000005390100 45°58′31″N 96°37′24″W


LI Maps ND Productive


Ross TwpGreene Co, OHH22000100170000300 39°42′39″N 83°42′47″W


LI Maps OH Productive


Iowa TwpDoniphan Co, KS0220483400000005000 39°50′18″N 95°10′13″W


LI Maps KS Productive


Atchison TwpNodaway Co, MO090930000010000 40°29′44″N 95°1′42″W


LI Maps MO Productive

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