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How Technology is Making Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Farming Possible

Awareness of climate change and new opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint has never been greater. And while agriculture has long been under the spotlight as a contributor to climate change and soil depletion, today, it has become clear that agriculture is part of the climate solution.

Sustainable and regenerative agriculture has long been economically and environmentally aligned, but adoption has been slow. That’s why accelerating the adoption of regenerative practices requires a new approach that supports farmers’ needs. On Wednesday, December 9 at 1 pm CT / 2 pm ET, join Dr. Jenette Ashtekar for a webinar exploring how to scale sustainable farming practices. She’ll break down agriculture’s most pressing questions around carbon including: 

The New Carbon Credits

  • What is an offset?
  • How are carbon credits generated?
  • How are carbon credits bought and sold?

Ag Based Carbon Credits

  • How are farm-based carbon credits different?
  • How are carbon credits quantified?
  • How are carbon credits verified? 

The Future Carbon Credit

  • Why does scaling matter in agriculture?
  • What advances have been made in technology to help scale agriculture? 
  • How can I gain access to carbon credits? 

We hope you can join us! Even if you can not attend live, make sure to sign up as we send out the recording to all registrants. 


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