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How CIBO Can Revolutionize Plant-Based Protein Products

Discover how CIBO is empowering food brands, ingredient suppliers, and food manufacturers to manage insetting, incentive, and pay-for-practice programs.


Plant-Based Protein_Infographic

CIBO Technologies is Scaling Access to Regenerative Agriculture

Identify and Manage Grower Relationships

For companies in agriculture, it is common to have relationships with many different growers. With CIBO, organizations can source, identify or incentivize growers doing regenerative agriculture practices in one platform.

Monitor and Verify Practices for Plant-Based Protein Ingredients

Organizations use CIBO to quickly and clearly see how regenerative farming is impacting soil, stability and elevation of any grower. Using satellite imagery, computer vision and remote sensing technology at a national scale, CIBO eliminates cost- and time-intensive validation.

Create Incentive Programs for Regenerative Practices

CIBO supports growers on their journey to regenerative ag through streamlined enrollment and access to incentives including insets, offsets, and private incentives. Through instant, accurate confirmation, businesses get verification of how sustainable and regenerative practices can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase sequestered carbon in the soil.

Building a Climate Resilient Food System

Consumers are becoming more aware of the consequences of traditional agricultural practices on the environment. This creates new opportunities for these organizations to become market leaders by promoting regenerative farming practices and providing more information about their environmental impact.

Learn more about how CIBO can help accelerate the development of plant-based proteins for your company by downloading our infographic “The CIBO Impact on Plant-Based Products.”



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