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Grist 50 Fixers Honors CIBO’s Dr. Jenette Ashtekar

CIBO’s SVP of Product recognized as a sustainable agriculture visionary in the Business & Tech category 

MINNEAPOLIS, March 28, 2022CIBO Technologies, the science-based technology company that supports growers and enterprises on their journey to regenerative agriculture, is proud to announce Dr. Jenette Ashtekar, Senior Vice President of Product at CIBO, has been included as one of the 2022 Grist 50. A cohort of leaders, or “Fixers,” working towards a just and sustainable future, Grist’s annual list celebrates visionaries across many industries, from scientists to policymakers, farmers, storytellers, technologists, and more.

Ashtekar is a soil scientist by training and has a passion for leveraging that knowledge and advanced technologies to help incent and drive new farming practices that can reduce carbon emissions related to agriculture while creating a more resilient food system.

“The magic of regenerative agriculture is that it enables farms to remain productive through increasing instances of severe climate events–such as flood and drought– while simultaneously combating Climate Change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil,” said Ashtekar. “Our work at CIBO focuses on scaling the adoption of regenerative practices by providing farmers and the agro-business community that supports them the tools and technologies needed to make the transition to regenerative ag as painless and productive as possible.”

“Jenette’s leadership at CIBO extends beyond the practical technological solutions she has helped develop to solve today’s agricultural challenges,” said Dan Ryan, CEO at CIBO. “She is passionate about increasing awareness among growers and enterprises about the various direct and indirect benefits of implementing regenerative agriculture practices that will reduce GHGs and store carbon.”

Grist is a nonprofit media organization focused on stories about climate solutions and a just future. See the rest of the 2022 Grist 50 here.

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About CIBO

Founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2015, CIBO applies advanced technologies to deliver a deep understanding of agricultural systems to help mitigate climate change, advance food system resilience, and improve grower outcomes through driving the adoption of sustainable practices. CIBO is a 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards finalist and was named 2021 AgTech Breakthrough “AI-based AgTech Company of the Year.” Learn more at

About Jenette Ashtekar, SVP, Product Management, Ph.D.

Jenette Ashtekar is the SVP of Product Management at CIBO, a science-driven software startup. Prior to joining CIBO, Jenette spent ten years as an academic soil scientist and environmental modeler developing algorithms to help predict soil and environmental properties across scales. While pursuing research at Purdue University, Jenette co-developed and commercialized a soil mapping technology used to better inform farmers’ management decisions. Her functional soil mapping technology is used today in a commercially available, farm management software application. Jenette is passionate about the development and promotion of university technology into practical, real-world software solutions and believes that today’s agricultural challenges can only be solved through the integration of many diverse sciences, technologies, and industries.



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