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Finding Land Already Doing Regenerative Agriculture Practices

Agriculture has been a major cause of climate change. Now it can be a solution. For growers and investors who want to buy or lease land that already has a high regenerative potential, CIBO can help. Our one-of-a-kind insights generate simple scores anyone can use—on their own or paired with other publicly available land data—to efficiently evaluate and compare parcels of land, understand past and in-season management practices and yields, and predict a parcel’s future productivity and value.

Are you looking for examples of what you can find with CIBO’s powerful search? Here are four of the most productive parcels with regenerative potential across the US. 

South Dakota 

Virginia TwpUnion Co, SD2100024000 43°4′21″N 96°28′39″W 

LI Maps SD Productive


Logan TwpDixon Co, NE000107400 42°19′13″N 96°54′15″W 

LI Maps NE Productive


Salisbury TwpLancaster Co, PA 5608252700000 40°0′14″N 75°59′32″W 

LI Maps PA Productive


Darlington TwpLafayette Co, WI01005100000 42°39′30″N 90°4′16″W

LI Maps WI Productive

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