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Evaluating a Farm’s History

Making sound financial decisions when investing in or leasing farmland will give growing operations a better chance of success. However, finding the perfect farmland can be a difficult process. Land searches often need to spend time looking for and researching several properties to find the right one for their goals. These can be both time-consuming and costly. 

CIBO can help people interested in owning or leasing land efficiently discover the land’s previous use. The land’s last use could influence whether you want to buy the property. Land that hasn’t been farmed or cared for in decades may not have the right properties for your crop goals. Meanwhile, a parcel used for industrial purposes could have toxic chemicals hiding in the dirt and water. CIBO provides access to critical factors like productivity potential, zone performance, historical practices, and local economic conditions to determine a parcel of land’s fair economic value—independent of hard-to-come-by operator data. Explore some examples of historical parcel properties across the US. 


Granite Rock TwpRedwood Co, MN127540162020 44°25′36″N 95°25′26″W


Granite Rock TwpRedwood Co MN12754016202044°25′36″N 95°25′26″W


Van Buren TwpJackson Co, MO56900030400000000 38°55′30″N 94°9′55″W


Van Buren TwpJackson Co MO5690003040000000038°55′30″N 94°9′55″W

North Dakota 

Center TwpRichland Co, ND17000003511000 46°12′25″N 96°42′18″W


Center TwpRichland Co ND1700000351100046°12′25″N 96°42′18″W


Pitt TwpWyandot Co, OH261005000000 40°47′1″N 83°15′14″W


Pitt TwpWyandot Co OH26100500000040°47′1″N 83°15′14″W

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