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Effects of Elevation on Crop Growth

From sea level to mountain tops, the altitude can have a big impact on plant growth. According to The Platinum, “There are four factors that are universally tied to increased elevation: decreased temperature, decreased atmospheric pressure, increased exposure to overall solar radiation (on clear days) and increased UV-B radiation. All of these affect plant growth to varying extents. Decreased atmospheric pressure can translate to increased transpiration rates (the loss of water through plant leaves), however the lower air temperatures at high altitudes often negate this. Increased exposure to solar radiation can result in higher photosynthetic rates. Conversely, increased exposure to UV-B radiation impairs photosynthesis in many species of plants. And while exposure to both types of radiation increases with elevation, this is only on clear days, the number of which varies significantly by location, regardless of altitude.”

That is why understanding the elevation in a field is vital to figuring out the best way to produce a high crop yield. Growers need to understand which parts of their field need more or less nutrients, water, and other detailed management decisions. At CIBO, we provide a simple, easy to use map view which showcases the elevation with one click. These maps can help farmers more quickly understand the management practices they need to take for the highest impact on crop yield. Check out examples of our elevation maps through the links below. 


Haven TwpReno Co, KS2710200000004000 37°54′5″N 97°50′5″W

LI Maps KS Elevation

South Dakota 

Crow Creek TwpHyde Co, SD000211 44°14′2″N 99°26′58″W 

LI Maps SD Elevation


Lockridge TwpYork Co, NE930061675 40°55′10″N 97°39′42″W

LI Maps NE Elevation


Huntington TwpLuzerne Co, PA30K100A008000 41°11′43″N 76°16′43″W

LI Maps PA Elevation


Cold Spring TwpJefferson Co, WI00405151622001 42°53′58″N 88°44′9″W 

LI Maps WI Elevation

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