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CIBO September County-Level Crop Yield Forecasts Report

Have you been looking for a deeper understanding of current yield estimates? The USDA provides an important signal to national markets. The monthly CIBO county-by-county yield report* is the perfect companion to the USDA WASDE with deeper and more detailed decision-ready insights from county to farm and field. Download it now.

Our county forecast page is updated regularly with the most recent information. The Yield Simulator in the CIBO platform is updated continuously so that anyone interested in land has the best information and most accurate forecasts available. Download the report to see detailed yield estimates for counties across the U.S.

Looking for an even deeper dive into what this means for your region? Try the CIBO county yields and parcel by parcel Yield Simulator. A free registration is all that is required. Get started now!

*The current report includes data up to September 3, 2020




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