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CIBO Publishes The 2020 WASDE Companion: How CIBO Adds Depth, Speed & Accuracy

Cambridge, MA,  February 23, 2021 – CIBO, the technology company that accelerates regenerative agriculture with decision-ready insights on U.S. cropland and the first direct-connect agricultural carbon credit marketplace, today published The 2020 WASDE Companion: How CIBO Adds Depth, Speed & Accuracy.” 

The paper examines two different yield estimate methods, The USDA WASDE and CIBO yield prediction. CIBO created monthly crop forecasts for the Grain Belt that were accurate and available near real time, at the push of a button, reporting a deeper understanding of local conditions including an August derecho and dry September. At the end of the growing season, CIBO’s national yields reported in November were very close to the USDA WASDE reports released on February 9.

“CIBO’s approach combines the latest in science, technology, modeling, and agronomy to produce fast, accurate predictions that, when partnered with the WASDE, provide a better, deeper and more complete understanding of crop yields in the US,” said Daniel Ryan, chief executive officer at CIBO Technologies. 

“Using CIBO, enterprises, commodities traders and any investor in agriculture is able to see yields at a glance and with just the push of a button. This creates more transparency and better decision support at any time a user needs it, not just when the USDA is able to produce a report,” continued Ryan. 


About CIBO

CIBO was founded by Flagship Pioneering with the idea of using advanced technologies to deliver a deep understanding of land and agricultural systems to help secure the future of agriculture. The company’s solution, CIBO Impact, is focused on driving and accelerating the transition to sustainable agriculture by providing a deep understanding of land and agricultural systems, incenting regenerative management practices, and delivering a powerful solution for managing and monitoring large portfolios of land. Learn more at



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