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CIBO July County-Level Crop Yield Forecasts Report

The July USDA WASDE report is out and shows average yields remain unchanged for both corn and soy. Corn prices are forecasted up to $3.35/bu. Soybean prices are forecast up $0.30 to $8.50/bu. Cotton projections are trending down slightly from last month.

The All-New CIBO County-by-County Yields Report shows exactly where this is all happening. Our breakthrough modeling, computer vision and simulation delivers predictions of which corn-growing counties are experiencing dryer weather and which still have plenty of rain. We show where soybeans are thriving. We show where cotton is growing and how it’s coming along this season. Regional suppliers, storage, transportation, traders and lenders can see how the USDA WASDE comes to life in their area.

Download the report now and explore how CIBO County yields capability is the perfect companion to the USDA WASDE. Go deep with decision-ready insights. See how national trends come to life in your region.

Download the July County-Level Crop Yield Forecasts Report



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