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CIBO Enterprise Supports Regenerative Agriculture Programs Across the Ag and Food Ecosystem


Dan Ryan, chief executive officer (CEO) at CIBO Technologies said:  

“Regenerative agriculture is a top priority for both growers and grower-focused businesses. CIBO Enterprise was developed to flexibly power a broad variety of initiatives, and to help our partners efficiently achieve their sustainability program goals around regenerative practices.”  

”Our streamlined and integrated approach to field and portfolio enrollment, real-time generation of field and portfolio information including carbon footprint and management practice history, automatic practice verification, and flexible incentive management is unique in the industry.”

CIBO Enterprise 

  • CIBO has launched CIBO Enterprise, the first technology platform built to power sustainability, carbon, and incentive programs across grower networks.
  • The private-label, cloud-based platform supports regenerative agriculture programs across the ag and food ecosystem
  • CIBO Enterprise boosts customer loyalty and expand product sales by helping their grower-partners monetize regenerative practices through carbon markets and incentives programs. 
  • Organizations can quantify the carbon footprint of a portfolio of land under various management practices with CIBO Enterprise. 
  • CIBO Enterprise verifies management practices across the entire portfolio with cutting edge, AI-driven computer vision. 
  • Enterprise can build incentive programs supported by CIBO Enterprise.
  • Incentive programs through CIBO Enterprise include insetting, direct payments for practices, product discounts and premium pricing for regenerative-verified crops. 

Award-Winning Product 

  • CIBO Impact was recently selected as a finalist in Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards from a pool of more than 4,000 entries from across the globe. 


  • Remote Practice Verification: Verify the regenerative practices of growers without time consuming and expensive on-field visits. 
  • Access Carbon Markets: Grower-focused enterprises can offer their grower network efficient, transparent access to soil carbon markets.
  • Implementation of Private Carbon Markets: Companies can generate carbon credits from their grower base and sell those credits directly to end-buyers.
  • Insetting and Incentives Programs: Provide direct payments (or other incentives) to growers for their regenerative practices.
  • GHG Emissions and Carbon Sequestration Modeling: Quantify the carbon footprint of grower portfolios and the potential to reduce GHG emissions under various regenerative management strategies. 


  • CIBO is currently implementing pilots with grower-focused enterprises across the food and ag ecosystem.

Read the full press release, here.



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