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CIBO Announces Formation of Farmer Advisory Network

Farmer-Led Advisory Network to Represent the Voice of CIBO Stakeholders

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — CIBO, the developer of a land intelligence platform that delivers objective, science-driven intelligence about hundreds of millions of acres of farmland, announced today the formation of its CIBO Farmer Advisory Network (CFAN) with eight key appointments.

CIBO’s network of leading U.S. farmers and industry experts will represent the voice of the platform’s most critical stakeholders as the CIBO team defines the future market and product opportunities at the intersection of land, agriculture, and technology.

CFAN’s expertise in agriculture spans geographies and crops across the United States. The founding CFAN members include:

  • Ryan Weeks, owner/CEO Weeks Family Farms with operations in Nebraska
  • Brian Sutton, president and founder of AirScout with operations in Illinois and Indiana
  • Byron Seward, owner of Seward and Son Planting Company with operations in Mississippi
  • Eric Purvis, president of E&H Farms Inc. with operations in Kansas and Colorado
  • Kyle Mehmen, co-owner/GM at MBS Family Farms with operations in Iowa and Minnesota
  • Dustin Madison, agronomy consultant with operations in Virginia
  • Matt Leischner, co-owner of South Branch Farms with operations in South Dakota
  • Shane Fee, agricultural banker and community bank president based in Illinois and Missouri

“Farms evolve, and when we’re evaluating new pieces of land to add to our operation, it can be time-consuming and hard to find all the information we need about a new parcel,” said Kyle Mehmen, co-owner/GM at MBS Family Farms. “CIBO provides the tools to help streamline and simplify the process of discovering the previous field history and understanding its potential and risks. This platform makes it faster to find and assess new parcels for consideration.”

“Most of my clients are farmers of some kind, and I believe that CIBO can significantly improve the way land is evaluated,” said Shane Fee, agricultural banker and community bank president based in Illinois and Missouri. “Potential buyers would win, bankers would win, and current landowners and farmers would have an accurate assessment of their existing properties.”

“We welcome this group of leading farmers and agricultural experts to the CIBO team,” said Daniel Ryan, president and CEO of CIBO. “We look forward to working closely with them to deliver on our vision of providing objective information about land that will drive efficiencies in land and supporting markets.”

Learn more about CIBO’s Farmer Advisory Network at

About CIBO:

Founded by Flagship Pioneering, CIBO is delivering objective, science-driven intelligence about land at the parcel level, at a national scale and without requiring farmer data. This information will drive efficiencies in land and related markets by connecting participants to objective information and to each other.

CIBO’s insights include land and lease valuation, productivity, stability, environmental impact, yield forecast, and future states of land. Parcels can be searched locally or nationally against over 20 criteria.

Property and financial marketplaces have proven to be valuable disruptors in the residential and commercial real estate markets. Leveraging our proprietary capabilities, CIBO is breaking the code and bringing similar solutions to the ag and land markets.



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