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Attend the Regenerative Earth Summit with CIBO’s VP, Sustainability & Regeneration Jenette Ashtekar

Climate change is becoming an increasingly important issue in the world today. There has been extensive research on the best ways to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and it is clear that regenerative agriculture is part of the solution. Even though many people are aware of agriculture’s importance in decreasing global warming, adoption is slow. That’s why we need motivated leaders across different industries to increase awareness and put it into action.

On February 24th and 25th, join CIBO VP, Sustainability & Regeneration Jenette Ashtekar for a panel discussion at the Regenerative Earth Summit. The Regenerative Earth Summit will discuss investing in the regenerative world, financial barriers to overcome, innovations in technology, and policies that can create incentives to advance the adoption of regenerative agriculture. 

The Summit will have inspiring keynote content and panel discussions which will set the stage for multi-stakeholder discussions that lead to profound insights and workable solutions in the name of a brighter agricultural future. These working groups will focus on finance, supply chain, regulatory, farming, technology, marketing and much more. This is an opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, create collaborative solutions, and help steer the next step in the regenerative evolution!

Dr. Ashtekar will be speaking among visionary leaders from the food and fashion industries, farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, investors, activists, and academics working collaboratively to tackle the vision of shifting how agriculture is practiced. Specifically, she will focus on how technology is changing the regenerative landscape on February 24th at 11:55 am (MST). By working collaboratively across and within industry sectors, we accelerate the change we need to see in a regenerative future. 

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